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Vision Quests East Bay Community Questors, right after coming in. It was an honor to serve such an open-hearted group.

Co-Ed Vision Quest
A Transformational Wilderness Experience
- Lead an Inspired Life -
September 25-28, 2014

In my many years of practice, I have found nothing that compares to the Quest in opening one to their feelings and inspiring a passion for life.

Questing is an ancient and sacred way of making a passage from one life stage to another. Rites of passage were practiced in many cultures and religions; and were considered necessary for personal growth and change. In some cultures, it was an initiation into adulthood. You could not marry or own property without a vision for your life and your community.

We will spend part of one day together and three solos. It will be a time of individual awareness through the practice of meditation, fasting, journal writing, and other modes of healing and grounding. All of these will help bring you into focus during your quest.

Leader and Support Staff

Gary Plep has been leading men and women on Vision Quests since 1989.

Michael Kenny is a wilderness EMT and Air Force SERE instructor.

Rick Waltonsmith is our packer, along with Ike and Betsy (when available).

Men from prior quests assist and provide a spirited send-off.

Quest Registration Information

The Quest will begin with an introductory meeting in Gary Plep's office in Los Gatos. Participants and leaders will become acquainted, review the program, and begin their personal work.*Pre-trip perparation is required.
Cost: $750, $600 for prior Questors, $350 non-refundable deposit required. Make checks payable to Rites of Passage, 220A Oak Meadow Drive, Los Gatos, CA 95032.
Call 408-399-5545 for more information.

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Gary Plep is a licensed therapist who has been supporting and leading men and women in groups and individual therapy for over 30 years.
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