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Michael Gurian, author of the bestsellers "A Fine Young Man" and "The Wonder of Boys," is a family therapist and educator. His speaking engagements and teaching assignments have taken him around the world. Visit his website at  Michael Gurian's books I recommend for all men I work with are "The Prince and the King" & "Mothers, Sons & Lovers".
The Nation of Men:

The Mankind Project
New Warrior Training

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Olga and Helmut Plep
Mildred and Raymond Jacobson
Morgan Yamanaka, MSW
John and Katie Martin
Essie and Alan Nichols
Sue Amende-Plep
Susan Cunningham and family
Sue Richards
Dick Robertson and family
Patrick Purcell, LMFCC
Six Man Press
Michael Gurian
Ken and Maria Amende
Men of Fire
Justin Sterling
Barry Hayes PhD
Justin Sterling
Tommy Little Bear Nason

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Gary Plep is a licensed therapist who has been supporting and leading men and women in groups and individual therapy for over 30 years.
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