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Men's Groups

Gary Plep first began offering men's groups to provide a comfortable, supportive forum where small groups of men could openly discuss their problems, personal challenges, and desires. He found that the group format allowed the participants not only to address their own issues, but also fostered strong interpersonal bonds among the men. The men's groups inspired a strong spirit of camaraderie and mutual strength.

After years of experience leading men's groups, Gary has refined the group therapy model to provide the ideal environment for growth, personal enrichment, and friendship. If you're tired of going it alone, consider trying one of Gary's men's groups. It truly is a better way!

Men's groups are $95 per 2-hour session. New groups are forming now. [An interview is required for new members.] Individual therapy sessions are also available for either men or women at $200 an hour.

If you are interested in joining a group or just have questions, contact Gary directly at 408-399-5545.

Limited Resources or a Veteran. I have limited space for those who are unemployed or live on a minimum income. I will consider anyone who is motivated to help themselves and is committed to do their personal work. I am a Vietnam Vet and will give special consideration to veterans.

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Gary Plep is a licensed therapist who has been supporting and leading men's groups and individual therapy for over 30 years.
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